5 Days Left

Will America survive after the election if Hillary wins?

I don’t even know where to begin.

I must say that I’m tired (as I’m sure all of you are too) of all the ugliness of the 2016 campaigns. Lies, accusations, name calling, mud-slinging, profanity. What happened to honor and integrity and true campaigning. Why can’t the candidates just stick to telling the people what they plan to do for America instead of attacking each other verbally?

I can’t even understand why the Democrat party allows Hillary to be a candidate, their candidate, with her illegal email activities and Benghazi. She cannot be trusted. She wants to be the first dictator of America. She will be a tyrannical socialist ruler. I’m sure if she could do it, she would burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights. She would close all churches, close all Christian TV and radio. She will rule by executive order bypassing Congress, the same way obama has been doing. Why hasn’t our Republican majority Congress done anything to stop those executive orders?

The most damaging thing she will do is appoint liberal God-hating judges to the Supreme Court who will help her abolish the Constitution. We will be worse off than Cuba, Russia and China when she gets finished. Many people don’t understand the ramifications of having more liberal judges appointed.

If you claim to be a Christian and you ever intend to take a stand for Jesus, you might find yourself in jail or being sued by the ACLU or some other God-hating group. If you have to go before a liberal majority Supreme Court, you will be spending the rest of your life in prison. You will lose your case in court. The liberal judges who rule against the Constitution are not going to care about your Constitutional rights. They will decide for themselves what your rights are and since they hate the mention of the name of God, you can’t win.

Another concern of mine is that I have absolutely no confidence that Hillary can or will protect America from those enemies that want to bomb America. She will open our borders and let any enemy in here who wants to attack us.

I guess you can see that my passion about this election overtakes me.

Let’s remember something. No matter who wins, we believers are to keep going; we are to keep praying, keep witnessing, keep on working for the kingdom of God. Don’t lose heart. God is still on His throne. He promised to never leave us or forsake us. Things might get tough but God is not surprised by the outcome of our election. His plan will be accomplished, no matter who wins the presidential election.

I have some links to share with you. I hope you will check them out.

Your Vote is Your Responsibility, Not Your Right

The Difference One Vote Makes

The Electoral College and How It Works

Constitution 101

The Bill of Rights

Biography of George Washington

Convention of States

What You Need to Know Before You Vote

Christian Voter Guide

Too many Christians do not vote or participate in any way in the political process. If you are one of those believers, you and your children and grandchildren and all of your loved ones, your church, everyone you care about will participate in the outcome if Hillary wins, whether you like it or not. You will suffer the consequences of not participating in the election. If America completely succumbs to socialism, you and your loved ones will all suffer the terror of that darkness. We all will. You and I represent millions of people who will not vote, whatever their excuses be. It is crucial for us to vote.

Look at all that the founding fathers did so that we have this great nation to live in. Many died for our privilege of freedom. They died defending the Constitution and our religious freedom.

I hear many lame excuses for not voting.

The electoral college votes in the president so I can’t make a difference for that. Read the link above to understand what the electoral college does.

My one little vote won’t make any difference. Watch the above clip with David Barton.

If we love our families, our church, our country, it is our duty to vote. We will answer to God for what we do with our privilege to vote. He gave us our freedom in the nation. We are blessed to live in a Constitutional Republic where we have the privilege to vote for our leaders and we have a responsibility to make sure we keep that privilege for us and for our children and grandchildren and generations beyond. There are millions of people around the world who wish they had this privilege. Don’t squander your vote.

This is not to be shrugged off as inconsequential or unimportant. America is on the precipice of survival. Every vote counts and if more Christians will get out and vote, America can be saved.

It is not difficult to research the candidates in your area. Click on the Christian Voter Guide link above and select your state. It only takes a few minutes to look at the candidates and decide. I print mine out and mark it ahead of time and take it with me to the polling booth. The polling officials don’t care if you take papers into the booth with you. You can also read about civil and local issues to vote on, in the voter guide. I like to go to the polls prepared so that I don’t have to stress and try to make up my mind while I’m standing in the booth.

Just a note of encouragement, I know some staunch Democrats who have said they will not vote for Hillary, but they will vote for Trump. They don’t particularly like him, but they know how dangerous Hillary is.

This is an election that has 2 presidential candidates that no one likes. We live in an era where we don’t get to choose someone we like. It’s not a matter of “liking” the candidate; it’s a matter of their platform. What have they promised to do when they get in office? Are they pro-abortion or pro-life, pro-homosexual, pro-family? Do they support marriage between a man and a woman? Will they strengthen our military and support our veterans? Will they close the borders and protect our sovereignty? Will they bring jobs back to America? Will they cut taxes, abolish the IRS and change the tax law to a flat tax? What do they promise to do for our country?

One last comment. After the election, we need to be more pro-active with our representatives. We need to hold them accountable and make them keep their campaign promises. We need to call their offices, write letters, stay informed, and not depend on the secular media for information, they are owned by the liberals. We Christians need to participate. We can’t think that all we have to do is place our vote and then ignore our political leaders until the next election. That would be as foolish as setting a dish of candy in front of a 5 year old and telling them not to touch it and then leave the room. They’ll do what they want, not what’s good for them.

If we want America to remain a Christian nation, as our founding fathers made it for us, we MUST vote and we MUST participate and stay informed of how our representatives are voting on issues and what laws they are passing. We must tell them what we want and how we want them to vote on laws and issues. They work for us, not for themselves. They represent us, The People, the ones who put them in office.

This is not difficult. Just take a few minutes to get prepared. Go to the polls and cast your vote.

A word of caution! When you vote in the booth and get the printout, READ IT AND CHECK IT CAREFULLY to make sure the polling booth is not rigged to put the wrong votes on the paper BEFORE you put it in the machine. We’ve all read about the Democrats using voter fraud to cheat to win the election. I read where many people had to get the official to allow them to change their voting paper several times before the voting booth put their true votes on the paper. USE CAUTION!!!

Remember, God is on His throne.

Pray for America, pray for Trump and for all of the other officials local, state and federal, and GO VOTE!!!

Love ya,


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Grateful for Blessings

I worked in the kitchen this morning. I really enjoy working in my kitchen. Baking. Cooking breakfast and supper. Loading the dishwasher. I know I am blessed with so much. I’m very grateful to the LORD for the blessings He has given me. I know that all my blessings come from the LORD. They are not my own doing.


I am blessed to have food in the fridge and in the cabinets and in the pantry. I have cookware and dishes to prepare and serve our food. I have a stove/oven to prepare food. There’s a bowl of butter on the counter, and salt & pepper shakers. Little scented candles and a toothpick holder. Paper towels. A jug of purified drinking water. A set of steak knives. An electrical outlet which I use to run my mixer. I’m not bragging but saying what I am grateful for. All the little things that I don’t give much thought about most of the time. All blessings for which to be thankful.


I can go to the grocery store and buy any foods I desire, with many  choices, like my favorite wheat bread.


It makes “saying grace” very meaningful. My grandmother ALWAYS blessed her food before she ate. She came from very difficult times. She lived through the Great Depression of 1929 and knew what it was like to “make do” with very little, with a bunch of kids to feed. She couldn’t always go to the grocery store to buy what she needed. She grew most of her vegetables and made bread and biscuits. She had chickens for eggs and for meat. Some of her blessings.


Not just the cupcakes that I made but the kettle on the stove which I use to make hot cocoa and hot apple cider in the winter time. And the dish of candy that husband and I enjoy on occasion. The container full of cooking tools. The scented candle on the counter that I like to burn. These don’t sound like “major” things to care about but they please me and I am grateful for these blessings.


Silverware flatware in the drawer with which to eat. Many people in the world eat with their fingers because they don’t have this blessing.


This is another blessing for me. This convenience really helps me because I have back problems and I’m not able to stand at the sink for very long, to wash all the dishes I seem to dirty up. And this dishwasher also has a sanitizer cycle which I am blessed to use. The other blessing is all the dishes that are in there that we use.

I think about people in the mountains here in the U.S. who are very poor and can’t just go buy whatever they want or need. People in third world countries either. Yes, I am so grateful for the many blessings that I enjoy, and this is just what I see in the kitchen. Every room in our home is full of blessings for which we are very grateful.

Most of the time, Americans are so busy with work and sports and vacations and going and doing that we rarely take time to fully appreciate and be grateful for the many, many blessings that we have. We don’t think about people in the world who don’t have even the simplest things. We don’t think that there could ever come a time in America that all the food and material things won’t be available for us. We don’t have a concept that some countries don’t have grocery stores full of food in every city, and that there aren’t hardware stores in every city, and clothing stores, and convenience stores and restaurants and fast-food drive-thru’s, or that it could happen here, that America would lose all that. I’m also guilty of allowing myself to get caught up in the busy-ness of life that I take these blessings for granted.

So today I took time to look at everything in my kitchen that are blessings for which I am grateful. The very fact that I have a home with a kitchen is a huge blessing.

Do you ever look at all your stuff (the little things that most of the time you take for granted) and have a heart full of gratitude for your blessings?

Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Not necessarily for others to know. I named mine for this post in hopes that it would remind you to count your blessings and give thanks to the LORD.

Thank You, dear Father, for all the blessings You have poured on me. I know it was You Who gave it all to me. I know that You are a GOOD FATHER and that You love me and want to bless me. I thank You from the bottom of my heart. Father, please don’t let me take my many blessings for granted ever again. I am reminded that it is not a surety here in America that blessings will continue, but I know that my God is on His throne and He watches over His children, the ones who have believed in His Son, Jesus, Yeshua.

I am grateful for blessings. I know you are too.

Another blessing I am enjoying is this cooler weather and the rain. It actually feels like autumn. Sweater weather at last. Have a terrific weekend.



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Happy Fall Y’all

It’s official. Autumn is here. Yay!

Even though the temps don’t show it, It is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y here!

Monday and Tuesday coming up are forecast to be in the 70’s and then later on temperature highs in the 80’s. At least it’ll be cooler at night. Looks like some lows in the 60’s, my kind of weather.

I’m looking forward to wearing some scarves. I found some great scarf tying tips on Pinterest and saved them to my Modest Apparel board.

One of the things I LOVE to do in autumn is visit our local pumpkin patch, and when I drove by there this week, they were setting displays up. No pumpkins yet but I do enjoy the anticipation.

Something else I love to do.  🙂  I love reading the different autumn bucket lists on Pinterest. I think I’ll make my own list this year. I don’t like to make lists unless I plan to actually DO them. So, I want to make mine doable.

Before I say goodnight, I’ll leave you with this favorite Emily Bronte quote.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,

fluttering from the autumn tree.

Til next time.

Happy Fall Y’all!


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Is It Fall Yet?

I am so so ready for fall. I really prefer to call it autumn but anyway, it’s officially only 11 days away. Down here in Texas, we’re anxiously awaiting the actual autumn weather. I envy those who live further north. I love it when the leaves start turning the beautiful autumn colors and when the temps get down to 70, and stay that way for more than a week. I adore sweater weather.

I’ve been checking the grocery stores for a couple of weeks, looking for my favorite autumn cake mix. Finally found it yesterday. Yay!!!




It tastes great, just like I remember. Funny thing. This is the only thing I like to eat with pumpkin. Don’t like pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup. I do like pumpkins in decorating. Have I mentioned that I collect pumpkins? I have more than a few. Ok, probably more than 50, I guess.

While I was enjoying my piece of cake, I put a scented wax cube and tea light candle in the warmer. Oh, the house smells so good.



I chatted with a woman about a month ago, a total stranger, when Hobby Lobby first starting get their autumn décor. We both love autumn. She said she leaves her autumn decorating up (above her kitchen cabinets) year round. I pack mine away in orange totes, but I’m thinking I might do that too, leave some of my décor out, just above the cabinets though.

This year I started collecting owls and foxes, for my autumn decorating. Just a few. So far. Not a lot of foxes out there to collect, yet. But owls. Oh my. Yep, they’re out there everywhere. Pillows. Printed hand towels. Candle holders and candles. Salt and pepper shakers. Plates. Ceramic figures. Wall plaques. I could go on.

Here are a couple of projects I recently finished. With help from hubby, of course. He cuts my boards for me. I sand and paint.


The “Fall is in the Air” sign. I printed on the white burlap using my computer and printer and attached it to the wood. I found the scarecrow figure at Hobby Lobby and glued it to the top.

See my ceramic pumpkin? I get most of my pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. Did you know that there is a real blue pumpkin called the Blue Moon Pumpkin? Beautiful.

Here’s another.


I got the laser cut out at JoAnn Fabrics which I glued on after the paint dried. I have it standing on the kitchen counter, though I was thinking of having hubby drill tiny holes in the top corners and thread some decorative wire through to hang it on the wall somewhere. It’s actually not blue but teal colored. My autumn decorating colors are oranges and teals, some aqua.

I saw this cute little house under construction on my way to visit Mom. A United Built Home. It was left open so I went inside to take a peek. It’s considerably smaller than our home, maybe 900sqft, but it’s so cute. It had a beautiful fireplace, wood and tile floors but carpet in the bedrooms. A very small kitchen. 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Small closets. But ya know, I could consider downsizing. IF, it was in Kentucky or Ohio. When you have one of these built, you have to own the land first, before they build.


Mom wants to move out of Texas as much as I do, but she has become so frail and I’m not sure she could make a move, unless someone did all of it for her. I’m not even sure she could travel that far in a car. She and I took a vacation to Lexington about 17 years ago. Wow. I hadn’t realized it was that long ago. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure it was that long ago. We both loved it. I’d like to see it in autumn.

I won’t even consider moving until after the election. Not going to talk about that or how anxious I’ve been getting. I’ve decided to leave it in the hands of the Lord. The best thing I can do is pray for America and leave it with God. He is in control. He is on His throne. Worrying about it won’t add one day to my life, one hour or one minute.

I spent today watching bits of the 9/11 clips, which always makes me cry. I didn’t want to avoid it because I do not want to forget, ever. We should never forget. I remember exactly where I was. I was late going to work and my friend called me to tell me to hurry and turn on the TV. She had such urgency in her voice. She said a building in NYC had been attacked. At that point it wasn’t clear if it was a bomb or what. Then they said a small airplane. We know the rest. I stood there dumbfounded. I watched as the second tower was hit, and then as both towers crumbled to the ground. It did not seem real. It was like watching a movie. I could not grasp it. How could this be happening, here, in America? What about all those people? Did they have time to get out? I still cry. It makes me angry, every time they do the roll call of the dead and then a station interrupts the names to stick in an interview. I’m thinking that’s extremely irreverent to those dead who are being honored. I want to tell them to shut up and play the entire piece of the roll call, without interruption, every name of the 3000 who died. Give them the honor due them. I’m sure you remember where you were too, that day.

That event seemed to draw the nation together, for about a month. Then for everyone not involved, it was back to business. Life goes on. How sad. I wish I could find every one of the people involved, who lost loved ones or were injured in the attack and hug them close and tell them “I CARE and I’M SO SORRY”!

We tuck it away in our hearts and keep going forward. We must move forward. God cares. I’m sure it hurt Him to see all the hurt; deep, deep hurt. What affects us also affects Him. He loves us. This was not His doing. We have an enemy who is out to steal and kill and destroy. He is satan. But remember, God is on His throne. And I’ve read the end of The Book… We win!

Have a fabulous week!

Looking forward to AUTUMN!



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Words To Live By

Words To Live By

I’ve been writing these down on a card to keep in mind how I want to keep living my life. It seems that this modern “culture” knows very little about these concepts. I’m not sure most of them ever even hear these words spoken in the culture, let alone taught to them by their parents or school teachers.

I know that God has set high standards for His children; His expectations for how we are to live. Just because it is God’s expectations does not mean they are so high that they are unattainable. He knows we can live them, with the help of His Holy Spirit. How many will embrace them and love them, because these standards are of the Lord.

I love meditating on these words. Partly because they remind me of a bygone era. Well, maybe they’re not so “bygone” as I perceived. And maybe when the Church gets back to fasting and prayer, these “lofty” ideals will be embraced and taught again.

These are not in any particular order. I’m writing them down as I wrote them on my card.












































I’ll probably add to my list as I reread Psalms and Proverbs. A dear friend from church said she has the habit of reading Psalms, Proverbs, Old Testament and New Testament every day, a chapter from each. This is a wonderful habit to make and when I practice this, I am so blessed. It helps me keep God’s Word in my thoughts and heart.

I’m headed down to visit Mom today. We might need to move her in with us so I’m working on clearing out that guest bedroom and figuring out what to do with all her stuff. My sister and I have been praying for healing and restoration for Mom. I sure would appreciate your prayers. Thanks so much.

Have a blessed day! Enjoy this last weekend before school starts.



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Well, I am NOT a happy camper, computerer. I have 2 computers. One is fairly new and I stupidly installed the Windows 10 on it, thinking to myself, how bad can it be, right?

I hate Windows 10, don’t recommend it to anyone. I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to find things on it to make it work. I hate Edge. I want to make Yahoo my homepage, like it was before, but I can’t find the “Default settings” to change it, besides Windows 10 says that Edge is the recommended web browser for Windows 10. Does that mean if I use Yahoo, will the Windows 10 not work properly?

I don’t have time to figure all this stuff out. And believe me, I’m working very hard to not use bad words here, since I am extremely agitated. Husband and I both noticed, as I’m sure everyone else has, that for some strange reason the Windows 7 isn’t working optimally any more. It runs extremely slow. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that Microsoft is messing around with it to force people to download the Windows 10? I am considering buying a Mac PC but then I still have to spend time on a learning curve.

Time is a big issue, as I’m sure it is with you too. And I’m not a youngster any more. I always said I hope I can keep up with technology, as my mom doesn’t even know how to turn a computer on. I said I didn’t want to be like Mom, in that regard. I want to “keep up”, ya know. Now maybe I’m not so sure about that.

It appears that if I don’t find time to sit here for a month to figure this thing out, I’m going to be like Mom, not knowing how to work this modern computer. Watching my words, because I’m at the screaming, throwing a tantrum stage. I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a conspiracy to phase out us older folks and by-pass us altogether.

Have you all figured out Windows 10 yet? How’s about coming down to Texas and give me some lessons, please. I’ll provide you with cool drinks and I’ll keep the a/c going (being as it’s been in the low 100’s around here). Sorry, I don’t have a pool, but I’ll take you to the lake – after you help me master this new software.  🙂

I guess I’ll just use my old pc with Windows 7 until Microsoft shuts it down completely. Then I might be done blogging.  🙁

On to more computering.


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Search The Scriptures

moonlit beach

Jesus Himself said this to the Jews who wanted to kill Him, “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.” John 5:39. We Christians know that in Him we have eternal life. He is the living WORD.

The word search signifies a strict, close, diligent, curious search; the kind of search men make when seeking after gold or sunken treasures. This is how we should look into the Scriptures, as though we are seeking to find a better treasure than gold or silver.

The Scriptures are the writings of Almighty God. He gave them to us and preserved them for us through these several thousand years, for our benefit, so we can get to know Him, and learn of His expectations of us. It is for our good that He gave us the written WORD.

God forbid that on the day of account that our Bibles would be a witness against us that we never or rarely looked into them. The WORD of God will bless those who diligently search it. All through the Bible we will find Jesus. Yes, even in the Old Testament (Covenant). Have you searched and found Him there?

If we hide the WORD in our hearts and in our thoughts, it will protect us from being deceived in these last days. The devil is going about seeking whom he may devour. He is the deceiver. He will put his lieing thoughts into our minds. If we have not hidden God’s WORD in our hearts, how will we be able to discern the lies of the devil? Many are being deceived and are standing against God and His plans.

We also need to make sure to develop a close friendship with the Holy Spirit. He will give us discernment and direct our paths. The Holy Spirit will help us to understand what truths we can find in the WORD. It is up to us to search the Scriptures and hide them in our hearts. Love the WORD and it will keep us to the day of the Lord. It is life.

My husband and I have a Bible app on our phones that we get the Word of the Day. There are many good Bible study guides out there too. I am using Charles H. Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening”. I also am trying to follow a study method that a church friend told me she is doing. I read a chapter or two from the Old Testament, a couple of Psalms, a chapter of Proverbs, and a chapter or two from the New Testament. I confess that I am not always diligent with all this reading and I have had to learn not to get upset with myself when I miss a day of reading one of the four categories.

The one thing, the best thing we can do, all throughout the day, is talk with the Lord. That implies that we talk and we listen to hear His still voice. Relationship is talking with the Lord and loving Him. He is so good and His love for us is so precious, we can’t even begin to comprehend it yet.

Let’s All Search The Scriptures!

They will tell us of a God Who is Love, and Who loves us with an everlasting love!


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Write Down Your Dreams

Write Down Your Dreams

I’ve heard and read many times that we should write down our dreams. I don’t know what the purpose for that is and I haven’t been real good at that, writing them in a journal.

I dream in color. Most people dream in black and white. My dreams sometimes are so real that I find myself asking, during my dream, is this real or am I dreaming. This one was short and funny. I cannot connect it to anything that I was thinking of when I went to bed. Some people say we dream when we eat certain foods. I ate a sandwich and some chips, and had a bowl of icecream afterward; nothing that would make me dream a funny dream. Here’s the dream I had this morning.

In my dream, I’m standing in the driveway, talking to someone; I don’t know who it was but in my dream I knew the person. Up and down the street there were neighbors out in their yards; which is unusual because only one of our neighbors is ever out in his yard. He spends an entire day working on his lawn, every week.

Anyway, lots of people outside. I don’t recall seeing any kids out, only adults. Then all of a sudden, we hear this loud roar, of motorcycles coming down the street. Really loud, like they wanted to announce to everyone that they were coming. Three motorcycles. They were not coming down the street doing 100 mph like most normally do. No.

The funny thing is these three motorcycles each were pulling behind them a sofa, long ways, with a lounge chair at the end of the sofa. Other funny thing, none of our neighbors had any of their vehicles parked in the street and these three motorcycles were racing, pulling their sofa-lounge chair type chariots, banging into each other. They were having a grand ole time, laughing and racing down the street, then around the corner and over to the next street. We neighbors were all laughing and cheering them on.

The atmosphere was like it was a holiday celebration. We were all laughing and having fun.

That wasn’t the end of the dream. Behind the motorcycles were three motorized wheel chairs, racing down the street. The funny thing about them was that they were being driven by three little old ladies. They were racing, to catch up to the motorcycles, down the middle of the street.

I don’t have a clue what that dream could have meant. Most of my dreams make absolutely NO sense. But, there it is. I wrote it down, for the whole world to see.

Do you dream in color? Do your dreams make sense? Do your dreams wake you up or do you sleep right on through them?

I hope you all will always have sweet dreams. Remember what “they” say. Write down your dreams!


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