Flatout Delicious Sandwich

I found this really good bread…

so I put together a few ingredients…

rotisserie chicken, Colby Jack cheese, lettuce, avocado, French’s fried onions, and of course that wonderful Flatout Bread.

I started by slathering on some Miracle Whip. Then I laid on a couple slices of cheese and some of the chicken.

Then I laid out some slices of avocado and for some crunchiness, French’s fried onions.

Lastly I put on some leafy green lettuce.

Then I rolled it up.

And it was

so, so


The bread is so fresh, and moist. You’ll find it in the deli area of your grocery store, priced approx $2.88 for a package of 6 wraps. IĀ made fajita chickenĀ for my husband’s sandwich. The bread comes in different flavors. We like the Lite Italian. Try one yourself!

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