Chicken Vegetable Soup

Soup in the Stock Pot

Tonight I was in the mood for some good ole homemade chicken vegetable soup. I always prepare my soups in the stock pot.

I start out by cooking a package of chicken legs in a separate pan. When the chicken is cooked thoroughly, save the chicken stock.

I put the stock pot on the stove and pour in about a half gallon of water and about a teaspoon of salt. Turn the fire on high to start heating the water.

Next I prepare the carrots because they take the longest to cook and I like my carrots tender. I clean them and cut them and put them in the pot.

Then I clean and slice the zucchini (because they also take longer to cook) and quarter the slices and put them in the pot. I don’t peel the skin off, except for the bad spots. There are a lot of nutrients in the skins of all vegetables.

Then I rinse and cut up half a head of green cabbage and dump it into the pot. I slice up a large Vidalia onion. I take about three or four slices and quarter them and dump them into the pot. You can add more onion if you want, but my husband doesn’t care that much  for onions. Did you know onion is good for the heart?

I pour in a can of cut green beans, a can of whole kernel corn and a can of cut up stewed tomatoes (you can used diced tomatoes). Sometimes I add a can of tomato puree if I have a craving for tomato.

Then I turn off the boiling chicken, take the chicken out of the water and set it aside, strain the chicken broth into the stock pot. Then I take the meat off the bone and add that to the stock pot.

I add coarse ground pepper and three or four tablespoons of butter (yes, “real” butter, not margarine).

Last I cube a couple of large potatoes and put that into the pot. Potatoes don’t take that long to cook and if you put them in too early, they turn to mush in the bottom of the pan.

It turned out so good. We’ll be eating soup all week. I’ll change it up by having grilled cheese sandwiches one night, French bread another night, and then maybe cornbread or Hawaiian bread. Sometimes we like to slice up avocado and drop that in our bowls just before serving.

The nights are beginning to cool down. It’s the perfect time for some delicious soup!

What do y’all put in your soup?

the Urban Woman in the kitchen


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