Just What I’ve Been Waiting For

Ahhh, just what I’ve been waiting for… Autumn, 52 degrees, a light rain and a cup of cocoa.

I mixed a packet of Starbucks VIA Caramel Coffee with a packet of Nestle Rich Chocolate Cocoa Mix in a large mug; pour in hot water and about a half cup of milk and stir. Mmmm good.

Wish y’all could smell and taste this.

This hits the spot, I’m tellin’ ya.

If you like marshmallows, you could put some in. I prefer mine without. Or you could put on some whip cream. That I like but I didn’t have any and I didn’t want to go back out.

I’m enjoying my cho-ffee, or would that be choc-offee? Maybe this’ll be a start for something new.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this cool weather as much as I am.

Gotta go so I can drink my choc-offee while it’s still warm. Y’all give it a try.

Have a great evening!

the Urban Woman

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