Cheddar Biscuits

Have you ever eaten those wonderful cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster? You know, the bread they serve fresh out of the oven.

Well, look what I found at Walmart!

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits Mix box

I have to tell you a secret. I’ve n-e-v-e-r made biscuits before. Ok, I take that back. When I was about 12 or so, I tried to make biscuits but they came out hard and flat and we couldn’t eat them. Mom said I over-mixed the dough. Anyway, I gave up on baking biscuits after that.

But these are drop biscuits. Just a few ingredients; the mix, shredded cheddar cheese and cold water. Then when you take them out of the oven, you melt some butter and mix in the seasoning packet and take your pastry brush and brush that onto the hot biscuits. From my childhood experience I knew not to over-mix this dough. It didn’t take me very long to mix the dough and drop large spoonfuls onto the baking sheet and bake at 425 for 16 minutes.

cheddar biscuits plate besdie Red Lobster box

cheddar biscuits 02

Okay, I ate the one off the top of the stack because I couldn’t hold back any longer. They smell so good and they taste exactly like the ones you get at Red Lobster. Delicious!

cheddar biscuits Red Lobster Mix

cheddar biscuits 01

Then look what I found in my recipe binder.

cheddar biscuits from Bisquick recipe

So, you have your choice to make your very own cheddar biscuits and enjoy them at home, fresh out of the oven!

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