A Quick Hello

I say a quick hello because it’s 11:45pm. Yes, time for me to get to bed, but I wanted to say hello. I’ve been super busy in the last few weeks.

I’m in the kitchen cooking a lot more because I now prepare lots of meals and foods for hubby to help him gain weight. He was dangerously low, 123 lbs. Now he’s up to 138. He has a long way to go but we’ll get him there. He’s still using a cane to walk because he gets tired and weak easily. He’s back to work; leaves home at 6am and gets home 6pm, also works 6 hours every Saturday.

Besides working to get hubby back to good health, I have concerns about Mom. She has dementia, macular degeneration and very poor hearing. We’re having issues with her hearing aids. Bought her some new ones but she can’t figure out how to get them in her ear canal far enough so they will stay in. She loses them and we search all over for them. Yesterday we discovered she lost the left one and we never did find it. We fear she flushed it down the toilet accidentally. Four of us searched the house, the garbage :(, her clothes, the furniture and under the furniture, drawers, countertops, deep freeze, everywhere we could think. It is not to be found. AND we’re still paying on the thing.

Plus I’ve been trying to figure out what to do when we sell her property; whether to move her here with me and hubby or to find a senior living place for her. Then I had a talk with a senior living agent who told me it could cost way more money than what Mom gets in social security.

I was so frustrated when I came home.

My blood pressure was up high, not good for someone who takes blood pressure medication. It was one of those days that I wished I could drive to the mountains to a nice quiet cabin, with no problems and only beauty to look at and a few million$$$ in the bank would solve a lot of problems.

On the bright side, I was reading something, or maybe I heard it on the radio, can’t remember, that said to look for beauty in God’s creation. Let me share a few things that I have recently seen.

On the drive down to Mom’s, I saw the most beautiful skies I’ve seen in awhile. Clouds that looking like rolling, billowing puffs that stretched farther than I could see. I wanted to take a picture but I was in heavy traffic and I forgot to bring my camera. The cell phone wouldn’t have done it justice. It’s beauty is in my memory though.

I have seen cardinals flying around a lot.

I saw a red fox run across the road.

Today, I had the pleasure of giving a ride to a big ladybug crawling around on my windshield, right in front of my face.

I decided that since I can’t drive to the mountains, I will look for beauty right here in my part of the world. And I’ll dream about the mountains and look at pictures on Pinterest about mountain retreats.

I have a party to attend tomorrow today, my nephew turns 17.

Y’all have a most wonderful weekend, and look for the beauty of God’s creation.



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