Here We Go in the New Year

This is going to be a great year! I am declaring and decreeing it over my family. I am determined to have it be so, no matter what.

Currently we’re going through a small difficulty. Well, I say small. Hubby doesn’t think so because he is the one going through it. I’m the one who is trying not to be scared and trying not to WORRY. Easy to say, not so easy to do. The Bible says 365 times that we are not to worry or be afraid. I have anguished watching hubby lose so much weight and not being able to eat very much and keep it down.

So tomorrow he goes into the hospital to check for ulcers, since his doctor said he is bleeding internally. Plus he wants to do a colonoscopy. And then hubby wants him to check the mesh implant he put in over the hernia back in October. Not a fun day for hubby. We’ve got a prayer team of family and friends at church who are lifting up precious prayers for hubby. Prayer is very powerful and I know it works. It’s very comforting to know we have so many dear people who care and pray for us.

Today, I had to buy hubby a few pair of jeans because he has lost so much weight. Even the suspenders I bought him in November aren’t enough to hold his britches up. He has lost that much weight. I packed away 10 pair of his jeans, which made me cry. I wish this were not happening to my dear husband. In the 26 years we’ve been married, he’s never been sick. Injuries, that’s another story, a bunch of those, yes.

I will trust the Lord. He is with Frank and He is watching over this whole situation. It did not come as a surprise to Him. He saw it before it happened. We know He loves us and wants to help us. We must trust in Him and pray. God is good, always good.

I still have Christmas around the house. We’re having our real gift exchange with my sister and her family somewhere around the 15th of this month. We’re also doing a couple of birthdays. I took the tree down and have put some of the decorations away but not all of them because I want it to still feel like Christmas when we exchange our gifts. Oh goody, that means I can make some kind of baked goods for the party too. I forgot about that. I guess I’d better get a plan for the day. I do love making plans and cooking.

Today I went through my kitchen cabinets again and packed away a bunch of things that I never use. Planning to take it to Salvation Army next week. I’m in the “purging” mood. I have plans to go through my fabric stash (9 totes full) and my craft supplies next week and see what I can give away from that supply. I think because I’m getting older, not claiming to be old – just older, I find I don’t really need so much stuff.

I moved my sewing machine into the guest room, since no one stays in there anyway, so I don’t have to set it up on the dining room table and move it every time we have company. This way it can stay put. I like the table I put it on anyway. It’s lower than the dining table and easier on my shoulders. Yes, I like it in that room better.

I’ve got to get off here and check on hubby. We have a big day tomorrow.

I’d like to wish you all a very blessed year in 2017!

Love you,


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