Cold Weather and a Few Things

Oh, I do love this cold weather. Round here the high today was 51°. I wore a coat but I saw a lot of people out who did not even have a jacket on and several young fellas had shorts on, the long shorts. Still kinda silly. I lived in Illinois for awhile and I learned not to go out unprepared like that. You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse. And I’ve had frostbite before, from not wearing socks in 20 below temps, in Illinois, and getting caught out in an unexpected blizzard. Frostbite is extremely painful.

But still, I love this weather. The forecast has us getting down into the 20’s by Thursday. It reminds me of Illinois.

I bought our Christmas tree today and husband set it up in the garage to “settle”. Tomorrow we’ll bring it into the house when husband gets home from work. Which means I need to clear out the corner in the living room and have it ready. We already brought in the totes with the decorations. I’m ready to get to the fun part. Lights and decorating. Most everyone I know already put their tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I’ve been a little out of sorts, with husband still recuperating, but I’m getting into the holiday spirit.

To help things along, I made a Neaman Marcus cake and it hit the spot, as they say. I might need a cup of hot cocoa to finish the night off. And I’ve been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving weekend.

I rescued a sweet little kitty. He was an outdoor cat down at my Mom’s. He and his brother had a major fight and this little one fared the worse. His ankle joint was bit hard and had an infection so he couldn’t walk on that leg. I brought him to my city to the vet I use for my 2 cats. They did an x-ray and found out that there was no broken bones, so they cleaned out the wound. I brought him home to live with us. My 2 cats have taken well to another kitty in the house. I’ve been praying peace over them. They hiss at the poor little thing, so I put him in the spare room when I’m not home to watch over them.

I’m doing some sewing for a friend for Christmas presents. I’ve made coffee sleeves for Anna and myself for a few years and she wants some for her friends and family. I love sewing them and they don’t take very long. I altered the pattern in the link a bit for my sleeves and of course I use all sorts of different fabrics. I’ve altered it a few times, the size (small, medium and large) and the width.

I haven’t finished my gift shopping yet but I did go out today. We are doing something kinda fun this year. We are going to have a $2 gift party with my sister and her family and Mom. The limit is $2 and we are going to focus on spending time together, enjoying food and movies and maybe games. We decided to go down to Mom’s for the gathering. It’s going to be so much fun.

I know there’s a lot of controversy about the celebration of Christmas. It isn’t in the Bible. Jesus most likely was born in September, not December. The Christmas season is all about the stores making $billions and people are more into the gifts than they are interested in being thankful to God for sending His own Son for us. Most unbelievers don’t connect Christmas with the birth of Jesus. They think it’s a folklore holiday about Santa Claus.

We could be negative but I think there is enough negativity in this world so I choose to be positive and be thankful for my Lord. I am thankful every day for Jesus and I don’t see any harm in celebrating His birthday, even though we don’t know exactly which day He came to earth. I have several prints in my home of different versions of the “wise men” and I set up a small nativity on the mantel. I don’t “do” Santa Claus stuff. I do love snowmen and I have a collection of those.

The older I get, the more I enjoy reflecting often during this season of Jesus and reading the story in Luke. I have a couple of movies about the great event, the birth of Christ, which I enjoy watching, especially the closer we get to Christmas eve.

And I love the goodies that we girls make during the season. We talk about the candies that Mom had when we were little and the sweets she always made; fudge, divinity, pralines, pies, cakes. Wonder why it is that at Christmas I think more about the sweets and Thanksgiving is about the food?

I have to get this post finished and get myself to bed. I have an early appointment tomorrow to take the injured kitty for a checkup at the vet.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday and keeping warm and finishing your shopping. I wish you all the very Merriest Christmas! Really, Slow down and make time and be purposeful about enjoying every minute of this season.

Love ya,


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